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Yotam Sivan (1990), Is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in Scotland. Having earned a BFA degree from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2015), Sivan has continued to show art across Israel. Working with some of Israel's most renowned curators and art institutions Sivan has since exhibited in several well-known venues in Israel. Notable exhibitions and projects include Against Forgetting (2016, Trumpeldor Gallery. curated by Ellen Ginton), Julian (2016, Tel-Aviv Artists' Studios, Curated by Dr. Vered Zafrani-Gani), Aesthetics and Bias (project led by artist Adina Bar-On. Also includes written contribution to the project publication) And Zoom 2016 (A project compiling Israel's top new graduates).

In 2018, Sivan Joined the MFA program at the Bezalel Academy of art and design, after which he transferred to the Glasgow school of art (2019) where he is undertaking an MFA course. In his practice Sivan is currently concerned with the relationship between human civilization and the natural world, and how technology has impacted our ideas of nature and vice versa. Sivan is also interested in how technology and nature physically shape each other within a reciprocal relationship, and the subjective aspects imposed onto nature in the form of human ethics and aesthetics.


Selected exhibitions:


2022: MFA Degree show at the Florence street campus, The Glasgow School of Art.

2019: 3rd. annual exhibition at “Hamekarer” gallery, curated by Iris Pshedezki. Tel-Aviv, Israel


2019: “Ricinus” a group exhibition curated by Yotam Sivan at the Betzalel academy MFA exhibition space.


2016: "Julian" a group exhibition at 'the artist’s workshop' at tel -aviv. Curated by Zaphrangani Vered PHD . Yotam Sivan - CV 2015: Aesthetics & Bias / Sztuka i uprzedzenia, Galeria Opcja, Kraków


2016- "Against forgetting" a duo exhibition at the Trumpeldor gallery, Be'er- Sheva. Curated By Ms. Allen Ginton .


2015: Graduate Exhibition for the BFA program at the Betzalel academy of fine arts and design .


2013: Painting Studio 2013 Group Exhibition, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem




2015: The schneidinger scholarship



2020:  ‘Clastic’, an international consortium of artists and researchers seeking to
investigate and discuss art and craft distinctions in a multidisciplinary context (founded by Yotam Sivan).


2015: "Esthetics and Bias" - a project created by artist Adina Bar-On .


2016: “ZOOM 2016". A project for the promotion and advancement of the best graduating artists of the year. Publication : Aesthetics and bias project book, “Holding a Gun at Both Ends”, short essay by Yotam Sivan, 2018


2022, The Place We Are Right, Dissertation submitted for the MFA course at the Glasgow School of Art. Self Published at here.


2021, The Mass Collection Magazine. OBJECTS, July issue 2021. View it Here -

2020, 'Holding a Gun at Both Ends', Essey in Aesthetics and Bias  project book -A publication summarizing the program of Polish-Israeli meetings of art school students, carried out in 2008-2018, and the exhibition of the same title, which was presented at the Arsenał Municipal Gallery in Poznań from April 7 to May 6, 2018. .

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